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We Now Rent Laptops, iPads, Tablets and PC's...

Rent Your Computer Equipment - If you have looked at getting a Laptop, iPad, Tablet or PC recently you'll have noticed how they seem to get more expensive by the day.

Buying a cheaper, less powerful device isn't the answer as the majority of our clients want their laptops, iPads, PC's to run faster - but their devices just don't have the computing power to run that much faster.

This is where RENTAL is a great idea. You can get a much faster, higher spec device for very little extra cost. Take a look at our rental products page. You'll find examples of products where a laptop with a superfast i5 processor is just £0.69p per week more than a much slower Celeron laptop.

This will make a real difference to how your computer works. You'll be able to do much more with your computer and not spend your time waiting for programs to open. All for just an extra £0.69p per week. Our rental service also has...

More Inclusions Than Any Other Rental Service:

Plus SAVE 20% On Our Charges On Work We Do On Any Of Your Devices*

All of our Laptops and PC's include:

  • FREE Setup
  • FREE delivery to your home/office
  • AVG Internet Security FREE for 1 year (RRP £40.00)
  • Livedrive Cloud automatic backup FREE for 1 year (RRP £30.00)
  • FREE PC tuneup service (RRP £50.00)
  • PLUS if you find the same product available at a cheaper rental price - we'll match it and refund double the difference*

* Terms and conditions apply

For more information take a look at our rental website

Computer Repairs - we understand how difficult it is for many people to physically dismantle their computer and to have to carry it into a shop in town to get it repaired or serviced - that's the main reason we come to you.

One advantage of this approach is that we can investigate the nature of your computer related problems in the environment in which it runs - not disconnected in isolation in a shop or workshop.

We install and set-up new computers, broadband and wireless networks. In all cases we can give practical advice before you make your important buying decisions.

One to One Training - we don’t believe in large classes and one size fits all training – if we did we would make more money and you would get far less value.

We believe in treating each and every one of our trainees as individuals – building on their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses.

One to one training is by far the most effective way to learn basic computer skills. We can train you in basic computer usage at your home location, so you will not feel uncomfortable about asking questions (as some people do in a classroom of mixed-ability students) or if you need a little longer to practice when learning a new skill (learning at your pace). We will show you how to feel more secure using the internet, email and word processing for everyday needs. If you have specific training needs we will try to accommodate them.

Sandra combines her passion for teaching with writing materials to get the information 'out there'. She loves taking Craig's technical knowhow and experience and turning it into language that everyone can understand and follow. It is her attention to detail and organizational expertise that enables our company to run smoothly and efficiently and she believes highly in incorporating these skills into any training package.

Craig's specialist knowledge and passion for "all things computer" is invaluable when repairing your computer. His desire to discover the best way to solve problems and his thirst for up to date information ensures he stays ahead of the game and always has a new and novel solution to issues.

Together we bring over 30 years computer experience to your door. We specialise in helping everybody to feel comfortable with their computer.

Whatever your age, beginner or expert we can help you to learn more about it and keep it running in tip top condition.

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Computer Training and Repair Available
Either In Our Classroom
or In Your Home
in the Spalding Area or the Ipswich area.
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Computer Training
and Repair Services

  • Advising and setting up broadband - with wireless and wired networks

  • Anti-Virus advice and solutions

  • Setting up and installing new computers

  • Investigating and resolving home computer problems/repairs, virus removal, slow performance

  • Data recovery and transfer from old computers to new

  • Computer upgrades, replacement and sensible advice on buying computers

  • One to one training in your home or in our classroom, at your pace!

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