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Our Repair Charges ...

As our slogan says we are "The Friendly Face of Technology" and whilst we do have a guide to our charges we try to be as accommodating and as flexible as possible.

There is a minimum charge for all remote sessions of £25.00 this will include the first 20 minutes of the repair session.

Should we need to come and visit you our call out charge is £40.00 and this covers the first hour of our time.

Beyond this we charge £40.00 per hour.

If the work is likely to take more than two hours to resolve we will take the computer to our offices to complete the repair and agree a capped fee for the work to be done.

To make things simple we try to keep to the following standard charges:

Service In Your Home/Office or via Remote Login


Our Charges


Essential PC Service
This Essential service is as complete as you'll get from a well known PC retail centre but we charge half the price. It will remove most simple spyware and all unnecessary temporary files. It will also remove errors from your Windows Registry, check that Windows is up to date and that your PC is fully optimized meaning it will run faster. This service is at a special offer price and is not included in our Home Phone and Broadband discount.


Premium PC Service
This premium service is our most popular service. It is much more comprehensive than our Essential Service. It includes all of the items in the Essential Service plus it will offer a full spyware and virus scan. It will remove unwanted browser add-ons and will also check that all system files are correct. Please note that this service will not remove any viruses found on your system.



Support Service
We will support all of our clients with FREE telephone support. However, sometimes the questions we are asked cannot be answered in a quick telephone call and require a more detailed answer. In this case we will remotely login to the clients computer and resolve the problem as can be seen below all of our remote login sessions have a minimum charge. This service gives you 5 remote login sessions (worth £125.00) per year plus unlimited telephone support for just £4.99 per month (billed annually)

per month

Remote Login Service
Our professional remote login service with superb security allows us to control your computer as though we were sitting at it. If you have never used it, it is really simple for us to login and you'll be amazed how we can operate your computer from miles away. We can login to computers almost anywhere in the world. The minimum charge for a remote login session is £25.00 and that this will include the first 20 minutes of the session. Further time will be billed at our standard hourly rate.


Virus Removal
This service is required if our Premium Service finds a virus. Removing a virus can be complicated and only part of the solution to the problem. If a virus has damaged your computer in any way then removing the virus will not cure the problem and further work may be necessary. We will advise you if this is the situation.



System Reset, Fresh Start or Reinstall*
This will return your computer to its original settings.
All Of Your Programs Will Be Deleted - We will backup and restore your data in the following directories Desktop, Contacts, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos
You will
need to reinstall your programs after this work has been done. For us to do this work will cost from £40.00 extra.


AVG Internet Security
We offer AVG Internet Security from just £18.00 an amazing 60% discount off its recommended price. Please be aware that this price does not include installation. The vast majority of our clients have the program or license installed at the same time as we are servicing your computer, in which case the installation charge is only £7.00. This will include updating the program to the latest version, installing the license and adjust the settings to ensure it runs properly.
If however, you do not require a computer service our normal call out or remote login charges will apply.


£18.00 per Year

Total Data Security
This service combines AVG with Livedrive fully automatic backup.
This will be cheaper than having AVG and Livedrive separately.
Please note that this service will be billed annually and that there will be an initial setup charge of £15.00.

£4.99 per month

Total Internet Security
Total Internet Security is a group of 7 products that perform 8 seperate scans on your computer for various types of malware. In our opinion it is the ultimate anti-virus, malware and spyware removal service and will even protect you from Ransomware and Exploit threats. Please note that this price is for a one year license for all of the products that make up Total Internet Security. The vast majority of our clients have the Total Internet Security programs or licenses installed at the same time as we are servicing their computer. With an Essential Service the installation charge is £15.00 it is Free with our Premium Service. This will include updating the programs to the latest versions, installing the licenses and adjusting the settings to ensure that all programs run properly.
If however, you do not require a computer service our normal call out or remote login charges will apply.

For 2020 This service now includes Livedrive Backup


£9.99 per Month

Livedrive Automatic On Line Backup Service
This service, which is included with both Total Data Security and Total Internet Security above, will securely backup your data in the following folders: Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos

Please note that this service will be billed annually and that there will be an initial setup charge of £15.00.

from £2.00 per month

Livedrive Briefcase File Sharing Service
This service, which includes the backup service above allows clients to share files between unlimited computers, smertphones and ipad/tablets.

Please note that this service will be billed monthly and that there will be an initial setup charge of £15.00

£5.99 per month

Data Transfer from functioning PC
We'll transfer programs, documents, photos, video's and music from and to a Windows PC.
Please be aware that some programs may not transfer and some programs may require their license details to be re-registered.

Data Wipe
Using government approved standards we will wipe all data from your computers hard drive including all of your files, programs and records. This will prevent your data from ever being recovered and will make sure that your identity is protected should you wish to sell or dispose of your computer.



Data Recovery
We are able to recover deleted or lost files and transfer them to a USB stick or new hard drive (the cost of the USB stick or hard drive is not included).


£80.00 if files
are on a working hard drive

if files are on a faulty hard drive

*Please visit our reinstall webpage for further details.

Our charges do not include parts, equipment or software that may be required to resolve problems. We will advise if any of these are required.

Please view our full terms and conditions.






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