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Your Computer Needs Regular Maintenance...

All computers slow down with use, as you add and delete files, install/uninstall software and perform normal, everyday activities.

Just like a car, your computer needs regular maintenance and repair. We will restore your computer back to peak performance and find and prevent problems.

And if your computer has ever had a virus all your anti-virus software could do was quarantine or delete the infected file which is fine unless your computer is now corrupted and needs a complete clean-up in order to work correctly.

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Software or Hardware?

The first thing for us to determine is whether or not the fault you are experiencing is a result of a problem with Hardware (the machinery itself) or Software (the programs running on your computer and their settings). The only other area to consider is human error (that's you, the user) which may be a simple result of invalid details entered or insufficient training in the use of the package you are trying to use.

Software Faults:

Software faults can be caused by many things, including:

  • attacks from malicious programs attached to emails, pictures or web-pages - eg. viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, etc. (See our guide to malware)
  • incorrect settings, preferences or options (the most common)
  • trying to run old software on newer computers (and vice versa)
  • damaged or corrupted files - can be result of hardware failures, incorrect shut-down, sudden power losses, lightning etc.

Hardware Faults:

Hardware faults can be difficult to spot sometimes, possibly because than can be masked by other symptoms (i.e. fatal exceptions resulting in the infamous blue screens of death). Others can be pretty dramatic where a component has obviously failed and caused a system shutdown.

If the worst should happen and you have a total failure then we will try to recover your personal data from your computer wherever possible.

If you have any important data on your computer such as photos, music, documents, accounts etc then it is essential that you have a reliable and secure automatic back up.

Whilst you can backup your computer to a hard disc, flash drive, CD's or DVD's these are all subject to failure. We only recommend that you use a secure on-line backup service.

Human Error:

Finger trouble or insufficient training are common causes of invalid entry into packages on computers. If you require additional training in a package you want to use and we have knowledge of the product then we can arrange time to teach you a little more about it until you are comfortable using it and know how/where to get more information to help yourself in future.


Do You Need a Hardware or Software Upgrade?

Computers running Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported by Microsoft and should be consigned to the great computer recycle bin in the sky. Please do not just throw them in the skip as they contain tons of personal data that should be professionally deleted.

Key Components to Review

The system processor speed (a bit like the engine of a car - is it a sporty little 4-cylinder from a Vauxhall Corsa or a luxury V8 from Jaguar?).

For Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 you will need at least a 2.0 GHz dual core processor to handle the demands that will be placed upon it.

For Windows 10 you will need at least an i3 processor to be able to run the latest version.

The amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) this is the memory the computer uses to work with. It does not offer long term storage and is flushed clear every time you restart the computer. Put simply, the more RAM you have (up to the maximum recommended by the manufacturer and dependant on your operating system) the better and faster your computer will work.

For Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows 10 you will need all you can get and will do yourself a big favour by aiming for at least 4Gb of RAM but 8.0GB or 16GB will be even better.

The amount of hard disc space this is your computer's filing cabinet where all of your data and programmes are stored.

With Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows 10 you will need at least 500Gb.

As with all these components, budget dictates what you can buy. Basically, the bigger the better when it comes to storage, today even 3Terrabytes (3Tb) is not unusual.


Computers can Be So Frustrating

Computer Training and Repair Available
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Computer Repair

Do You Need a Software or Hardware Upgrade?

PC RUNNING SLOWLY - We can run over 100 tests to uncover and fix problems that slow down your computer. By the time we leave it will be running like new.

PC TAKES FOREVER TO START-UP - We can find and remove wasted disk space, repair hard drive problems and speed up your Windows startup.

THINK YOU MAY HAVE A VIRUS - We can check your system hardware such as memory, hard drives, network cards and more to ensure everything is working properly.

PC APPEARS UNWELL - We can make it better by defragmenting, cleaning, fixing and optimising your Windows registry.

ACCIDENTALLY DELETED YOUR PHOTOS, MUSIC OR PERSONAL DATA - We can recover the deleted files, photos, music, video, email and more.

WORRIED THAT YOUR DATA COULD FALL INTO THE WRONG HANDS - We can securely erase it from your hard drive. You'll be protected from identity theft as we will use cleaning tools that meet the U.S. Department of Defence Security cleaning standards, ensuring that erased data is completely unrecoverable.

If you would like a system review to understand the potential left in your old computer then please get in touch with us.
Some of the services we provide, include:

  • supply and install additional memory,
  • supply and install additional disk storage,
  • install necessary equipment for linking to broadband (eg. ethernet cards),
  • upgrade older computers and transfer data to the new computer
  • recover files from old discs if necessary
  • set-up wireless networks to allow you to use a laptop anywhere in the house
  • review whether or not your computer is capable of running Windows 7.

Do You Use Broadband and Virus Protection?

If your computer needs to link to the internet regularly you will most likely be connected to (or considering ordering) a broadband service. We can advise on our preferred choice of broadband supplier and explain why we do not recommend the companies that are always advertising on TV.

Anti-Virus protection packages are a must. Call us for free advice on which anti-virus solution is best for you.































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