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Windows Operating System Reset or Repair...

If we have advised you that a new hard disk, a repair, a reinstall or a reset of your Windows operating system is required then please read the following information...

When our Premium Service will not fix the problem then a full repair of your computer may be necessary.

A Reset or Fresh Start of your operating system will keep your personal files but delete all of your programs. All other aspects of the install are the same as below.

A full Re-install of your Windows operating system will mean that all of your data and all of your programs will be deleted. Our charges do include backing up and if necessary restoring your data but do not include reinstalling your programs.

  • All data means all data: This includes all photographs, documents, files, browser bookmarks, emails, downloads, etc. No data that was stored on the computer will be saved during a re-install.
  • All programs will be deleted: This includes any Office programs, games, financial software, printer software, downloaded applications, antivirus, etc. These programs will need to be reinstalled from their original installation media.
  • You will need to have all licenses pertaining to your programs: This includes Windows, Microsoft Office, Anti-Virus programs etc.

We can reinstall your programs but you may still require your licenses and not all programs will restore correctly. This service costs from £40.00.

You may not need your original disks; however, you will need your Microsoft operating system (OS) license key, also known as Certificate of Authenticity (COA), which will typically be fixed to your computer. Windows 10 users will have a digital license which should be automatically recognised by Microsoft.

The COA or Digital License will be checked for authenticity by Microsoft during the reload. If you do not have this key or it is not authenticated, you will need to purchase a new copy of your operating system in order for us to reinstall it.

Charges and Time Scales:

We estimate the expected charge to be around £100.00 for a Complete Windows Repair or a Reset of the operating system. However with a Reset you will need to re-install all of your programs. We can reinstall your programs but you may still require your licenses and not all programs will restore correctly. This service costs from £40.00.

These costs assume that you have...

  • The Microsoft Windows operating system licence key
  • Your original operating system disks (not required for Windows 10)

Without these the cost will be higher and the time to do the repair longer.

The cost of a new hard disk installation will be the same plus the cost of the hard disk which is normally around £40.00 to £60.00.

Please be aware that when we return your computer should you wish us to re-setup your wifi, printer or email etc this be at an extra charge.

The expected time required to reinstall your operating system and/or install a new hard disk is normally around 2-3 weeks. This will increase should you not have your original operating system disks or your Windows licence.

Should your Windows license not be accepted by Microsoft you will be required to purchase a new copy of the operating system.

Data Backup:

As we cannot not be liable for data lost in the attempts to repair your computer. We advise all of our clients to have a fully up to date backup. We will fully back up your personal data in the following directories: Desktop, Contacts, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos.

It is your responsibility to advise us if you have any other directories in which you have data stored.

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