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Laptop, iPad, Tablet and PC Rental

Renting a Laptop, iPad or Tablet couldn’t be easier. Simply choose a device from our products page . Call   us   on   0800   246   1469   or   request   a   quotation .   We   will   setup   your   device   for   you   and   deliver   it   to   your   home/office   in   a   couple   of   days.   If you require, we’ll get you connected to Broadband and connect your new PC to your WiFi and give you brief instructions on how to use it. Renting   the   latest   computing   or   tablet   technology   for   simple   monthly   payments   that   you   spread   over   24   months,   allows   you   to   stay   up   to date   with   a   monthly   budget   that’s   comfortable   for   you.   By   renting   from   our   computer   company   you   are   assured   that   your   new   laptop   will come with the latest internet security and an automatic on-line backup included, keeping you and your files safe. You   don’t   even   have   to   worry   about   your   new   computer   slowing   down   as   at   the   end   of   the   first   years   rental   we   will   give   it   our comprehensive PC service completely free of charge. Laptop or Tablet? Y our first decision is whether you want a Laptop or a Tablet. When   tablets   and   iPads   first   became   popular   many   of   our   clients   discarded   their   laptop   and   replaced   it   with   a   tablet   only   to   find   out   that, whilst   a   tablet   or   iPad   is   a   nice   easy   device   to   use,   it   isn’t   as   powerful   as   a   laptop.   They   are   great   devices   if   you   just   want   to   view   the internet,   read   emails   etc   but   they   have   a   small   screen   and   only   an   on-screen   keyboard   so   writing   a   long   email   on   them   can   get   very tedious. On   the   plus   side   tablets   have   a   simple   user   interface,   are   very   portable   and   internet-capable   just   like   a   laptop.   They   are   ideal   for   many people especially if you already have a laptop or desktop computer. A   laptop   is   generally   faster   and   more   powerful   than   a   tablet.   It   can   do   all   of   the   functions   that   a   desktop   computer   can   do   but   in   a   mobile package. Click Here to visit our rental products More Inclusions Than Any Other Rental Service: All of our Laptops and PC’s include: Free Setup Free delivery to your home/office AVG Internet Security FREE for 1 year (RRP £40.00) Livedrive Cloud automatic backup FREE for 1 year (RRP £30.00) Free PC tuneup service (RRP £30.00) PLUS if you can find the same product available at a cheaper rental price - we’ll match it and refund double the difference Plus we can: Transfer your data and/or your programs from your old computer Setup your printer Keep you up to date with the best value Broadband deals At the end of the 24 month rental period you can… 1 . Simply give the device back to us 2 . Purchase the device at an agreed price 3 . Continue to rent the device or upgrade to a newer model Now view our products and select the right one for you Click Here to visit our rental products
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The Friendly Face of Technology “for all things computer” Home Phone & Broadband Call 0800 246 1469