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Computer Training Lessons

We offer computer training that can either take place in our training room or we can come to your home.

We have years of experience and can design training specifically for you.

Friendly informal training for
all ages and abilities.



One to One Training

We don’t believe in large classes and one size fits all training – if we did we would make more money and you would get far less value.

We believe in treating each and every one of our trainees as individuals – building on their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses.

One to one training is by far the most effective way to learn basic computer skills. We can train you in basic computer usage at your home location, so you will not feel uncomfortable about asking questions (as some people do in a classroom of mixed-ability students) or if you need a little longer to practice when learning a new skill (learning at your pace). We will show you how to feel more secure using the internet, email and word processing for everyday needs. If you have specific training needs we will try to accommodate them.

Sandra combines her passion for teaching with writing materials to get the information 'out there'. She loves taking Craig's technical knowhow and experience and turning it into language that everyone can understand and follow. It is her attention to detail and organizational expertise that enables our company to run smoothly and efficiently and she believes highly in incorporating these skills into any training package.

All lessons are friendly and informal with an emphasis on having fun and will help you to use your computer confidently and efficiently.

All training only £40 per hour in your own home.
Computer Training

To book a lesson...
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Learn What YOU Want To Learn

Design your own course and we will teach you what you want to learn. This means that you can work at your own pace and study what is relevant to you.

This approach saves you time and money and enables you to get control of your PC quickly.



Topics You Might Choose From...

Introduction To Computing

Using The Internet and Email

Word Processing With Microsoft Word

Spreadsheets With Microsoft Excel

PowerPoint Presentations

Desktop Publishing With Microsoft Publisher



Attend When You Want To Attend

Each lesson lasts for one hour and costs £30 per hour.

You only pay when you attend so if something crops up and you can't get to class you have not wasted your money.

You can come to as many lessons as you need. If you find that after one lesson you have learnt everything - fine. If later on you want to learn something else - fine.

This is flexible learning designed for you.























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